Stakeholders of the projects

1. Public sector employment actors 

  • Employment services authorities who will benefit from further improving their knowledge and skills to provide guidance and support for cross-border employment. 
  • Decision-makers who can remove cross-border employment barriers and promote measures to strengthen cross-border employment through political decision making. 

2. Networks operating in northern Finland and northern Sweden which can promote cross-border mobility through their activities and contribute to solving the mismatch between skills and job requirements in the long term. 

3. Private sector employment services and employers 

  • Companies and organisations needing skilled workforce. 

4. Teaching staff 

  • Teaching staff has a major role in promoting a positive attitude among graduating students about the possibilities cross-border employment can provide. 

5. Unemployed persons and soon-to-be graduates whose professional skills and qualifications match the requirements in various branches and employment services suffering from the mismatch between skills and job requirements in the Finnish-Swedish border regions. 

  • Soon-to-be graduates 
  • Recently graduated persons 
  • Unemployed persons within their two first years of graduating with a vocational qualification  

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