About Arbeta tillsammans

About the project

The objective for Arbeta tillsammans –project will be promoting and enhancing knowledge about the common labour market area within Finland and Sweden.

Raising of awareness and understanding of the possibilities and facts about the labour mobility within partner organisations and decision makers. There are plausible qualification and mindset gaps among people, which can be overcome with the help of relevant information, networking and active cooperation between different stakeholders.

By bringing stakeholders together, the project also aims to create common understanding about the benefits and possibilities of increasing labour mobility within Bothnian Gulf and Torne River Valley regions. What is needed to attract workforce? We want to proceed from cooperation to co-innovation between organisations.

By reinforcing the skills of staff (language and cultural, attitudes, professional skills), the project aims to achieve long-term sustainability in organisations that by nature, are working with future labour and cultural exchanges (educational institutions). By reinforcing skills and attitudes of the graduating students and recently unemployed, the project aims to lower the threshold of considering the cross border mobility as a career opportunity.


Interreg Nord
Lapland Council
Region Norrbotten

Lead Partner

Educational consortium OSAO


Oulu University of Applied Sciences
Vocational college Lappia
Luleå tekniska Universitet
Utbildning Nord
North Calotte Council


Our logo tells about the target of the project, labour mobility between Finland and Sweden. In the logo you can see two arrows, blue and yellow, along east-west directions. Blue colour comes from Finland flag and yellow from Sweden flag. Dots inside the arrows are people, who move from Finland to Sweden and other way around. Between the arrows goes the river, which flows along the border of Finland and Sweden.