About the project

Welcome to Arbeta tillsammans, an Interreg Nord project with partners from north Finland and north Sweden Working Together for promoting a common labour market area and increasing awareness of opportunities for labour mobility across borders!

Arbeta tillsammans – Working Together is funded by Interreg Nord, The Regional Council of Lapland and Region Norrbotten. The lead partner is Educational Consortium OSAO, and the partners are Vocational College Lappia, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, North Calotte Council, Utbildning Nord and Luleå University of Technology.

Find out about what we do in Arbeta tillsammans – Working Together! If you are a jobseeker, you can also find some useful information about working across the border between Finland and Sweden.

The financiers of the project

The project partners

About the logo of Arbeta Tillsammans

Our logo tells about the target of the project, labour mobility between Finland and Sweden. In the logo you can see two arrows, blue and yellow, along east-west directions. Blue colour comes from the Finnish flag and yellow from the Swedish flag. Dots inside the arrows are people, who move from Finland to Sweden and other way around. Between the arrows goes the Torniojoki river, which flows along the border of Finland and Sweden.