About Arbeta tillsammans

Our main objective in Arbeta tillsammans – Working Together is to increase knowledge of opportunities for cross-border mobility between Finland and Sweden and to reduce barriers for this mobility through cooperation between various actors. Our vision is to establish a common, prosperous and competitive employment area within the Bothnian Arc and Torne River Valley region. 

We aim to promote mobility in cooperation with the municipalities, employment authorities and employers in the region. We also enhance positive attitudes towards labour mobility among employees and jobseekers and increase awareness of mobility and enhance attitudes towards it among the teaching staff and students in the educational organisations. 

To achieve these goals, Arbeta tillsammans – Working Together organises events and information meetings to raise awareness. We also map the regional networks and characteristics as well as potential mental border obstacles. Our language and culture courses focus on improving oral communication skills, and the target group participation in activities enhancing mobility is promoted. We also promote lifelong learning at all educational levels.